Wedding Party

Valerie Oswald

Maid of Honor

I met Valerie in the 6th grade and we were instant friends. We loved playing sports together and cheering each other on in our teens. Eventually I talked her into transferring to Texas State University with me where we created some of our greatest memories on the river! I'd say my greatest feat is getting Val to overcome her fear of nature in general as she now loves to float and enjoys camping with me too. Despite the physical distance between us we still manage to see each other often so we can continue in our competetive ways and play cornhole. Being that she lives in our hometown she hangs out with my parents often, making her more than a friend, but part of our family. We share the nicknames of "Puzzle Piece" because our friendship is a perfect fit, not to mention we love puzzling. Val is the person I need most when I'm down because we're the type that will laugh about nothing until we're in tears. Together we've celebrated major milestones and shared countless amounts of laughter!!

Madeline Ferrer


I met Madeline in the 6th grade and we connected because we were the two tiniest girls in our school. It didn't take long to know that she would someday be standing by my side on my wedding day. Maddie and I were truly inseparable throughout middle school and high school. We played sports together and jersey assignments were always done by height so naturally she was always #1 and I was #2 - I eventually grew a few more inches but Maddie remains "fun sized" still to this day. When I think back to some of my greatest memories as a teen, Mad was not only with me but she was leading the charge! We loved working together at Putt-Putt FunHouse too where we learned to make balloon animals. Somehow we ended up at different colleges but we still stayed close and made great college memories. She is the friend who planned a surprise trip to Vegas for my 21st birthday - that was awesome! Maddie will always be my ride or die, the ying to my yang, the pepper to my salt, and the H to my M!

Danielle Poffenberger


I met Danielle in my first ever bible study at Texas State. I can hear our leader saying, "Look around this room... some of these girls will become your lifelong friends." While I thought that was far fetch, I'm so grateful she was right. (I would proudly like to take this opportunity to claim the fact that I was the first to call her Dani which is basically what everyone calls her now.) Within a year of meeting Danielle, we were signing a lease to not only live together, but to share a tiny room together in order to save on rent #GRACEWOODFOREVER. Danielle and I served as Young Life leaders during my last two years of college. When I think back to my time of falling in love with Christ, I see Danielle right next to me. Together we share some of the sweetest, most life-changing, and divine memories... like our unforgettable mission trip to Costa Rica or that casual 10 day backpacking trip through Utah. Danielle is the sunshine everyone needs in their life who is always ready for adventure and fun. Dani always shows up when you need her most and she has an incredible heart of a servant. I proudly stood by her as she married her man in September 2019 and I'm thrilled for her to be there as I marry mine!

Lucia Ortiz


I also met Lucia in my bible study at Texas State. She is the sweetest and most angelic soul one could meet. Most might assume her to be shy at first but she actually has a hilarious and spicy side to her that only the luckiest of people get to know! Lucia is the kind of friend who remembers the name of your coworkers dog you talked about one time - she is incredibly intentional. Some of our sweetest memories shared together were during our time as co-leaders for our #SpiceGirlz small group where we had the opportunity to mentor younger college friends. We are also two of the very proud founders of Gracewood. Lucia is well-versed in all the latest pop culture. In fact, her and John share an odd affinity for Ja-Rule and enjoy rapping the lyrics together. Have you ever known such an awesome person that you seriously want to name your child after because they are that great? That is my Lucia Maria and I am honored to have her in my life.

Beth Anne Burns


My "How did I ever live without you?" friend. When I got my first teaching position, God thankfully placed me right across the hall from Beth Anne. If you've ever worked in education, you know just how utterly important and valuable it is to have a great friend nearby, especially in your first year. It didn't take long before we were sharing our life stories with one another, forming inside jokes, crying on each others shoulders, having weekly dinners, and quoting our favorite shows. Imagine getting to work 30 feet away from one of your best friends?! That was our life for almost three years - so many hours spent together that created our great friendship. We've been inseparable since 2015 and with a strong and relatively short friendship like ours I often wonder, "How did I ever live without Beth Anne's friendship before?!" Simply put, she is one of my greatest confidants. We've been there for one another through some tough trials and great life transitions. And in my most recent transition of getting married, there was no doubt that I would need my Beth Anniel to help me through this one too!

Jenna Latulippe


Sweet Miss Jenna - one of my most favorite friendships for so many reasons but mostly because of the incredible person Jenna is. In high school, Jenna and I both signed up for a new club on campus called Best Buddies and we had an instant connection! We had lunch together every single day for the remainder of our high school years. Through Best Buddies, we hosted various holiday parties and fall/spring dances. I've cheered her on at her choir concerts where Jenna was always the star of the show - she has a way of captivating a crowd and I know you'll see what I mean on our wedding day. My favorite things about Jenna are as follows... she is truly happy and simply loves people, her contagious laughter, and the fact that she's never said a bad thing about anyone, ever. I believe God made Jenna to show us a true example of what joy looks like, trust me, you will know exactly what I mean the moment you meet her. John and I love our weekly phone calls with Miss Jenna and sometimes I don't know if she's calling to talk to me or JUST John, haha! She graciously gave us permission to have our wedding on her birthday next year and we can't wait to celebrate!
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